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Whether someone had orthodontic treatment or not, the teeth will always have the tendency to shift. This is due to their everyday use while chewing or speeking. There are numerous daily natural forces exerted on the teeth, such as pressure from the tongue and cheeks during swallowing, facial muscle movements and regular human aging process, just to name a few. For these reasons, it is important to incorporate the retention stage after your active orthodontic treatment. Dr. Stefanovic recommends wearing the retainers as close to full time as possible during the first 12 months of the retention phase. Unless otherwise recommended, after these 12 months, it is usually sufficient to wear the retainers only a couple of nights a month, as a lifelong maintenance program( just as you would have to continue getting the haircuts or maintain your nails for the rest of your life). Your beautiful smile will depend on your compliance with wearing the retainers. Remember to remove your retainers while playing sports, eating and before brushing. Also, keep your retainers clean by brushing them on a daily basis.


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